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Elena Hight
2x Olympic Athlete

Lake Tahoe, CA

After having hip surgery, I was looking for a PT that could not only help me through my rehab, but also could help me regain my strength. b project was the perfect one stop shop to get hands on treatment as well as work on gaining my strength back.


The best thing about b project is the dedication that they have towards making your goals a reality. They work one on one with everyone in the gym to be sure that your time there is as productive as possible. No matter how many days I spend in b project I always feel challenged and it always feels good at the end of a workout to know that the challenges are helping me get closer to my goals.

The difference is being able to rehab and workout with someone I trust!

Carl Ware

Encinitas, CA

I write a lot in my job as a research scientist, which keeps me sitting at a desk too much. Over the last few years, I began losing sensation in my feet (peripheral neuropathy) and did not realize how much strength I had lost in my legs. Importantly, my surfing was suffering.

My son, Austin Ware suggested I go to b project for strength training. Austin had recently rehabilitated back from a career-ending back injury. The b project staff used a combination of hands on treatments, and specific strength training exercises to help Austin regain his strength and skills to continue his career as a professional surfer and coach.

Beginning my b project sessions, I was impressed with the personal attention to my specific issues, and training needs. I have also been surprised at the dramatic results. There was a perceived embarrassment of training at a facility with professional athletes; however, the staff is so welcoming, and embarrassment was never an issue. 


The strength in my legs and core has returned with dramatic improvement in my surfing. I make more waves, and deeper bottom turns for a sexagenarian.

I’m catching more waves and enjoying surfing more, probably to the chagrin of all the groms at Seaside reef!

Kimmy Fasani
Professional Snowboarder

Mammoth Lakes, CA

I came to b project after a knee and pelvis injury. I tore my ACL, MCL, PCL, and fractured my pelvis. My doctor gave me a 12-18 month recovery post surgery for my ligaments to heal, and a 2-year process to be full strength again. Before b project, physical therapy was difficult for progressing my complex injury. I still believed I could return to my professional snowboarding career.

b project came highly acclaimed to me by other professional athletes who had suffered injuries. After my first visit, I knew I could trust the treatment methodology, knowledgeable staff, and workout programs.

I love the combination of hands on treatment and working one-on-one with the b project staff. The table work makes my workouts that much more efficient, and I know I will walk out of b project each session stronger, more aligned, and with less compensation.

b project means business in a fun, and sore kind of way. Each day I walk in the door knowing to work hard and focus on my program, but I am always amazed at how much stronger I feel after each workout.

I never realized how much compensation was throughout my workouts. b project has taught me that even the simplest exercises are challenging when done properly. I now have a stronger body, and a better understanding of how to keep it that way. 

b project is the most reliable place to go for anyone recovering from an injury. The staff’s dedication and commitment to getting your body back to full strength and back to doing the sports you love is incomparable.

Bryce Curtis
UCSD Volleyball Athlete

Orange County, CA

When I was 6 years old, my femur head collapsed. The bone grew back but did not reshape round. My doctor’s recommendation was sports probably would not be an option for me. As I started high school, I had surgery to tilt the femur head in better alignment with the socket because of the constant hip pain. After surgery, I realized that for the past 8 years the left side of my body had been doing all the work because of the pain in my right hip. I had almost no muscle tone. Post surgery, the right hip had little strength, poor rotation, and limited flexibility.

I had heard how passionate b project is about rehabilitation, so about six months after my surgery I got an appointment. The workouts are pushing me physically and I continue to feel the progression of strength. The treatments are intense, but I feel the difference after each session. It is the perfect combination of developing muscles, I have not used for years, and table work that finds where manual work needs to correct.

Everything is stronger! I don’t limp, and have more hip flexibility. Overall, things feel sound; I’m extremely active with volleyball. My movements, jumping, and quickness are all progressing due to b project’s expertise.

After my surgery I had gone to a couple of physical therapy, appointments with my medical provider that just consisted of a few lame exercises. Coming to b project is a very different experience. The entire staff carefully assesses my individual difficulties, and provides a specific plan for results. I feel so blessed to have found b project!

Chris Benchetler

Professional Skier

Mammoth Lakes, CA

My first experience with b project was witnessing my wife’s rehab process, recovering from knee surgery. Her success definitely got me on board to deal my own injuries. I was dealing with multiple shoulder injuries, and needed to get more balanced strength overall, with less compensation.

The fact that you guys are able to kick my ass with very little weight. I feel the exercises working and strengthening my whole body. I see friends and athletes I know achieve better performance and healthier bodies coming to b project. 

I’m outside constantly using my body, so it is crucial that my body is working as efficiently as possible.

Austin Ware

Professional Surfer

Encinitas, CA

My good friend Jeremy Sherwin told me about b project when he saw me laid out on my back due to herniated discs in my lumbar spine. I was hopeless from the previous ideas I had tried prior to help me. I went to b project and was walking and moving after a couple weeks doing their stretches and 2 years later, I’m surfing better than my imagination surfer can.

What back problem? Since starting at b project my fitness and surfing has improved, and there is no looking back. I have confidence in my body again.

Chas Guldemond
Olympic Athlete

Laconia, NH

I went surfing with some of my friends, who are also my competitors during the winter season. I realized they were all talking about these hard workouts, so I had to investigate. After one session at b project, I was surprised on how good of a workout I got, and was also stoked that every movement and exercise is directly related to my sport.

One session progressed to getting strong for the upcoming season. It only took the one session to realize I wanted to work with b project. The effort and professionalism cannot be matched!

I even have a sweet warm up routine from b project I use before activity that warms up every muscle, and only takes 10 minutes!

B project is more of a relationship than a business. The b project team is always there for me and keeps me healthy and strong. I appreciate the focus on my goals, which is hard to come by in my industry.

JD Lewis

Professional Surfer

Encinitas, CA

I recently had fractured my ankle, and wanted the best rehab possible. I had worked with b project before for a physical training program to improve my surfing, strength, and posture. My results for both situations were great, and I trust them over anyone else for my physical health.

Best part of b project is pushing your limits without burn out. I give everything I have at b project, but never get run down the next day. The physical therapy is an aggressive approach to helping you heal quickly, and pairing with the strength training progression, you end up with more strength than before injury.

b project is for anyone who wants to get the most out of their body and live a healthy active life. I am much stronger and continue to become stronger every week. My surfing performance is at new heights, and my confidence to continues to grow.

Mirjam Jaeger
Olympic Athlete

Zürich, Switzerland

I heard about b project through other athletes’ positive feedback. So I gave it a go, and wasn’t disappointed. I was looking for a rehab facility to assist me coming out of knee surgery.

What I like best about b project is the atmosphere during training sessions! Even Though every session is hard, we are all still joking around and having a great time. If I come to b project in a bad mood, I always leave b project in a good mood!

Overall, I’ve become stronger, mentally and physically, and my skiing has gotten better.

A big thank you to the whole team for taking such good care of me, for always having my back and making changes to fit my crazy schedule!

Khy Kabellis

College Basketball Athlete

Escondido, CA

I originally came to b project with pulled muscles in my back and hips. The staff had dealt with this kind of problem before helping me loosen up the muscles so they do not spasm.

At b project, all the exercise instruction is safe and tailors to your injury. 

My flexibility continues to improve with the importance on staying consistent with my program even when I’m not at b project.

B project is a great facility, and a fun environment to workout in.

Kevin Pearce
Professional Snowboarder

Hanover, NH

I was on a mission, and looking for help to become the best snowboarder in the world. b project was the right fit for accomplishing this goal. The best part about b project is the one on one atmosphere, and the amount of time spent with each session. If I’m going to dedicate time and money to my goal, I want to make sure I’m getting the most out of it possible, and at b project I feel like I am. 

My strength program continues to progress, and I feel confident I’m getting out everything I put in. New exercises add to my program that makes each workout as beneficial as possible.

If you are motivated to get yourself to the gym, then b project is the best place to be.

Magnum Martinez
Professional Surfer

Caracas, Venezuela

I first started working with b project due to a right leg issue. A good friend of mine referred me, and the b project staff has been a total pleasure. The professional atmosphere and unique exercise programing helps the body heal fast while becoming stronger. I have not worked with anyone better!

I have been working with b project for 6 years. The only problem with b project is only being located in Carlsbad, and not all over the world!

b project does an amazing job. If your goal is to get stronger and in balance, or heal from any of your body’s physical challenges, do not hesitate to contact them. I have seen people limp in, and leave after an hour walking just fine.

Paul Robotta

San Diego, CA

Diagnosed with osteoarthritis of the hip and told I need a hip replacement by my orthopedic surgeon. There was in a considerable amount of pain with decreasing flexibility and strength in my legs and back. My surfing was suffering as a result.

A surfing friend of mine - Dr. Carl Ware - recommended b project. Carl described how the b project staff created a specific combination of hands on treatment paired with workouts that helped him improve from peripheral neuropathy and lower back pain. I saw, first hand the progress that Carl made, and he continues to surf really well.

Since starting a b project my strength and flexibility has significantly improved. I surf with confidence and have very little pain after surf trips or multiple surf days. Even though there are many professional athletes treated at b project, I feel that I receive the same level of professionalism and personal attention as everyone else. I don’t plan on having my hip replacement surgery anytime soon.


Zak Hale
Professional Snowboarder

Bear Mountain, CA

As an athlete, you need to be in top condition to perform in your sport. As a snowboarder, you have each summer to work on your physical health. B project gives you everything to stay healthy and ready for the season. Using b project, each winter I feel strong and ready.

B project has a long history in the snowboard world, and throughout the action sports community. The staff is amazing. All they do is help you be the best you can. It is like working out with your friends, but getting a workout like no other.

Nothing comes easy. Training hard pays off. That does not mean you can’t have fun while you work hard.

I have worked on so many different things at b project. My balance is a million times better. I feel strong and prepared for snowboarding. Physically I just feel better. As an athlete, there is nothing better than feeling ready for the season.

You can workout anywhere, and with anybody, but working out with proper technique is key. I had no idea how my body was compensating, and the limits that were holding me back until coming to b project. Now I feel confident and strong. You could not ask for a better facility.

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