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About Us

Invest in your physical health

The body is a project, and demands the care to confidently push limits, while preventing injury. b project is a Health and Wellness facility providing a boutique style of concierge service in individual care. The b project facility currently specializes in Physical Therapy, Movement Strength Training, Nutrition Counseling, and Small Group Classes. We are the continuum from injury to performance for the active individual striving to evolve their body towards a state of optimal physical health.


Our mission is to provide an individual approach to physical evolution. This process begins with defining a person’s starting point. The b project methodology identifies each client’s areas of dysfunction, and develops a plan to begin self-achievement. We are the guides to function, transforming each client’s areas of need into a foundational plan towards physical health and progression.


As a company, it is our position to differentiate ourselves from competitors by striving to be the advancement to common practice, and not to follow the deficiencies of the health and wellness industry. The blending of Physical Therapy and strength training creates a new and unique form of guidance, individualizing the process one client at a time. Our services integrate hands-on treatments and movement strength training into the progression of lifestyle goals.


We pride ourselves on education and application experience of each b project staff member. Our staff includes Physical Therapists, Registered Dietitians, Movement Specialists, and Certified Assistants. Our proven approach integrates these healthcare practitioners into a team targeting specific weaknesses and limitations with the purpose of creating a foundation for advancement. Each step a client takes through b project services is seamless, and provides a dynamic process aligning with their needs – all with the goal of progressing each individual closer to a healthy active lifestyle.


Every member of the b project team displays an underlying drive and passion similar to how b project began, but individually the members also, bring unique personalities and experiences expanding our potential beyond one mind. This provides the opportunity to not follow the industry, but lead it into the advancement of individual healthcare, including how to progress and maintain physical performance.

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