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Internship Opportunities

Certified Assistant Internship Program

The b project team is looking for individuals interested in being health and wellness professionals. The Certified Assistant Internship is a formal college internship program for current or post undergraduate students.  This work experience immersion in b project methodology enables you to gain knowledge in the continuum of acute injury rehabilitation to movement performance, as well as apply your craft in a clinical environment.


The internship is currently free to students who have the following prerequisites:

  • Have achieved or are currently working on an undergraduate degree in Kinesiology or a related subject 


  • Interest in pursuing a career in Physical Therapy and/or movement strength training professional


  • Willing to commit a minimum of 120 hours over a 3-month duration


Interning at b project is a unique experience in learning the continuum of care from acute injury rehabilitation to movement performance. The internship curriculum includes the following:


  • Introduction into foundational movement anatomy


  • Proficiency in rehabilitation exercise assessment and progression


  • Exposure to movement strength training assessment and program design


This is an exciting opportunity to learn and work alongside b project professionals. Our client population is all active individuals striving to evolve their bodies towards a state of optimal physical health. Those interns who successfully complete the requirements of this internship will gain useful foundational education in movement anatomy, work experience, and confidence to begin a career in the healthcare industry.


How to apply:


Send a completed internship questionnaire and current resume to  or fill out the form below. You can also upload your resume below at the bottom. Upon review, we will contact qualified candidates to schedule an interview for potential acceptance. We look forward to hearing from you!

To apply here, please scroll down and fill out the form.

Thank you!

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