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Livy Piraino


Physical Therapist

Livy Piraino is a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy at b project, receiving her degree from Stony Brook University Long Island, NY.


Playing competitive soccer for 14 years, Livy understands the physical demands of sports.  As a Physical Therapist at b project, she utilizes b project’s methodology of manual therapy + rehab exercise programming to help each client reach their full potential each session.


Born and raised in the La Costa community of North County San Diego, Livy dealt with various injuries early in her own sports career.  She understands the necessary hard work for a successful transition back to activity, and the ongoing commitment to preventing future injuries. 


Her goal is to use each table session at b project as an opportunity to create a positive treatment response, with the overall purpose of improving a client’s quality of life.


Livy continues to live an active lifestyle herself including soccer, Pilates, spin classes, and coastal hiking.  Her motivation and drive do not overshadow the friendly and compassionate connection she upholds with each client and co-worker. 

Mike Anastasia

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapist

Mike Anastasia is a licensed Doctor of Physical therapy at b project, receiving his degree from the University of St. Augustine.


Having a background as a collegiate athlete in both track and field and surfing, Mike understands how to help athletes and active lifestyle enthusiasts work on their physical ailments and get them back to sport.


He accomplishes this by utilizing b project’s methodology and individual approach to manual therapy + rehab exercise program to help guide a client through their personalized plan of care. Born and raised in North County San Diego, Mike has a propensity about being involved and helping out his community. Not only does he volunteer for various events in the area, like adaptive surfing and running events, but he also teaches fall prevention classes.


Mike is personable, lighthearted, and has a drive and determination to help people. He provides the highest quality of care by genuinely establishing a connection and rapport with each of his clients.  

JD Lewis


Movement Specialist

JD Lewis is a Movement Specialist at b project with over seven years’ experience working in the industry.


Born and raised in North County San Diego, JD grew up competing in surfing and learned early on the importance a strength program had on his surfing performance. JD started at b project as a client and soon developed an interest and affinity for strength training.


After completing his Bachelors of Science Degree from UCSD, he was hired on as a full-time Movement Specialist. Through his professional surfing experiences and being a past b project client, JD is able to put himself into the shoes of his clients. He prides himself on building trust with his clients by keeping their goals in mind and educating them through the training process.


JD’s passion and experience in surfing, and working with surfers of all levels, allows him to understand a surfer’s goals in detail. He develops individualized Movement Training programs that address any mechanical limitations preventing one from achieving those goals. Over the years, JD has accumulated knowledge and experience that allows him to guide b project clients confidently and efficiently to their physical health goals.  

Will Clark


Movement Specialist

Will Clark is a Movement Specialist at b project, completing his Bachelors of Science Degree from SDSU. 

Will is passionate about the fitness and strength training industry which includes: Posture and proper body mechanics, sports specific performance enhancement, correct exercise technique, and foundational strength training.

He has two highly sought-after certifications; a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through the NSCA and a Level One Coach certification through the USA Weightlifting Organization. Will has experience working with a multitude of individuals of all ages and skill levels.

He strives to create individualized Movement Training programs from your fitness amateur to your professional athlete, that have a direct impact on achieving their goals. Will dedicates himself to pushing his own limits in the gym everyday lifting weights. This personal commitment directly impacts the drive and encouragement he brings to pushing each client towards their success and living a healthier active lifestyle.

Kristina Jones

Kristina Handsless 1.jpg

Co-Founder, Registered Dietitian - Nutritionist

Kristina Jones, Co-founder of b project, is a Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist (RDN), NSCA-Certified Personal Trainer (NSCA-CPT), and an active member of the National Strength & Conditioning Association as well as the California Dietetic Association.


Kristina has dedicated her career to the sports industry, counseling athletes and active lifestyle enthusiasts on nutrition and assisting with the integration of lifestyle and training programs as part of the bigger picture “physical health” concept at b project.


Her accomplishments include working for the United States Ski & Snowboard Association with the Olympic Snowboard Team.  Kristina has worked with individuals of all ages and sport abilities, from the recreational active individual to the professional athlete.

Brad Jones

Brad Handsless 1.jpg

Co-Founder, Physical Therapist

Brad Jones is the Co-Founder of b project, is a licensed Physical Therapist, Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), and an active member of the National Strength & Conditioning Association.

With almost twenty years of hands on experience and the creator of b project’s philosophy, Brad has dedicated his career to developing a unique manual therapy curriculum and an individualized approach to rehab for the active lifestyle enthusiast.

His accomplishments are numerous, with the most notable being working for the United States Ski & Snowboard Association and two Winter Olympics.

Brad is the mastermind and educator of the hands-on techniques that have evolved b project to the next level and make it uniquely different from any other treatment & exercise philosophy.

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