Our Treatment + Rehabilitation Exercise sessions unique plan of care help clients heal from pain, inflammation, limitations, compensations, and more!

These sessions include a manual therapy component with a Licensed Physical Therapist to assist in tissue restoration, joint range of motion, and muscle activation.

Each session is individualized and includes one-on-one rehabilitation exercise instruction with our Certified Training Staff to build foundational mechanics, postural alignment, muscle recruitment, and movement efficiency.

To begin a Treatment + Rehabilitation Exercise session process requires an Evaluation with one of our Licensed Physical Therapists. This assessment process will design a plan of care unique to each situation, and answer the questions to how b project will help you achieve your goals.

Licensed Physical Therapy Staff

Our Physical Therapists have the training and the passion for the craft of hands on therapeutic methods. Each therapist certifies under the teaching of b project, applying specific techniques that are committed to the quality of care according to b project standards.

Certified Training Staff

Each Rehabilitation Exercise Session is with our b project Certified Training Staff. Our staff is unique to b project and is what sets us apart from other rehabilitation or training facilities. The true difference lies in our quality of care and our ability to advance you towards your rehabilitative goals.

Working with an injury