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Physical Therapy

  • 1 h
  • Corte Del Nogal

Service Description

Injury recovery at b project begins with an evaluation by a licensed Physical Therapist and our Certified Training Staff. The evaluation consists of a two-part evaluation; the first part is with a physical therapist where they will assess and treat the problem. The second part is with a Certified Training Staff member where they will use instructions from the Physical Therapist to assess how the body moves/compensates in function using specific exercises. This evaluation allows the Physical Therapist to organize the individual’s history, current state and goals into a specific plan of care unique to the individual. During each future session, reassessment of the client’s current state and session response will adjust the plan to help maximize goal progression. Each treatment session is a combination of assessments, treatment techniques, and reassessments for healing, decreasing inflammation, breaking through limitations, and correcting compensations. Progressively these sessions use reassessment to define the new path towards tissue restoration, normalizing joint range of motion, and gaining muscle activation. The inclusion of rehabilitation exercise being a part of each treatment session provides mechanical instruction to turn dysfunction into foundational mechanics of postural alignment, muscle recruitment, and movement efficiency. A certified training staff member guides each individualized one-on-one rehabilitation exercise session. The design of these sessions is set into a program specifically targeting personal areas of need. It is important to note, every session provides new information, and program design adjusts as part of the normal process for maximizing current goals.

Contact Details

  • 2075 Corte Del Nogal, Carlsbad, CA, USA

    (760) 929-9898

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