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Nutrition Counseling


Nutrition counseling helps people of all ages, social backgrounds and fitness levels and aids them in their pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. This process begins with a Nutrition Evaluation where the Registered Dietitian Nutritionist will gather anthropometrics and review then breakdown a client’s current eating habits and wellness goals, such as losing weight, treating a disease or preventing future health issues.


The Dietitian then puts together an individualized meal plan and educates the client on proper nutrition, exercise and choosing foods that help achieve their wellness goals.


Every follow-up visit consists of anthropometrics, nutrition & exercise diary review and breakdown, identifying obstacles and strategizing solutions and goal setting. This is a collaborative approach between the client and Dietitian in order to optimize and develop a plan that promotes healthy eating and lifestyle habits that will last for a lifetime.

Location & Contact Details

Tel: (760) 929-9898


2075 Corte Del Nogal, Suite N, Carlsbad, CA, USA

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