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Everything is stronger! I don’t limp, and have more hip flexibility. Overall, things feel sound; I’m extremely active with volleyball. My movements, jumping, and quickness are all progressing due to b project’s expertise.

Bryce Curtis

UCSD Volleyball Athlete

Orange County, CA

I never realized how much compensation was throughout my workouts. b project has taught me that even the simplest exercises are challenging when done properly. I now have a stronger body, and a better understanding of how to keep it that way.

Kimmy Fasani

Professional Snowboarder

Mammoth Lakes, CA

What back problem? Since starting at b project my fitness and surfing has improved, and there is no looking back. I have confidence in my body again.

Austin Ware
Professional Surfer

Encinitas, CA

What Can We Do For You?

Physical Therapy

Movement Strength Training


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Patient Walk Through

Patient Walk Through
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Patient Walk Through
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Eric Snortum Shares His Road to Recovery with b project
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Eric Snortum Shares His Road to Recovery with b project

What is Movement Training with JD Lewis
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What is Movement Training with JD Lewis

What is a Movement Specialist with Will Clark
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What is a Movement Specialist with Will Clark

About Us

Making a Positive Impact

The body is a project, and demands the care to confidently push limits, while preventing injury. b project is a Health and Wellness facility providing a boutique style of concierge service in individual care. The b project facility currently specializes in Physical Therapy, Movement Strength Training, Nutrition Counseling, and Small Group Classes. We are the continuum from injury to performance for the active individual striving to evolve their body towards a state of optimal physical health.


Our mission is to provide an individual approach to physical evolution. This process begins with defining a person’s starting point. The b project methodology identifies each client’s areas of dysfunction, and develops a plan to begin self-achievement. We are the guides to function, transforming each client’s areas of need into a foundational plan towards optimal physical health and progression.

Contact Us

2075 Corte Del Nogal, Suite N
Carlsbad, 92011

(760) 929-9898

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