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Everything is stronger! I don’t limp, and have more hip flexibility. Overall, things feel sound; I’m extremely active with volleyball. My movements, jumping, and quickness are all progressing due to b project’s expertise.

Bryce Curtis

UCSD Volleyball Athlete

Orange County, CA

I never realized how much compensation was throughout my workouts. b project has taught me that even the simplest exercises are challenging when done properly. I now have a stronger body, and a better understanding of how to keep it that way.

Kimmy Fasani

Professional Snowboarder

Mammoth Lakes, CA

What back problem? Since starting at b project my fitness and surfing has improved, and there is no looking back. I have confidence in my body again.

Austin Ware
Professional Surfer

Encinitas, CA

What Can We Do For You?

Physical Therapy

Movement Strength Training