The active individual strives to evolve their body towards a state of optimal physical health. At b project, our mission is to provide personal guidance to break through limits, restore movement patterns, and advance usable strength. We integrate a unique blend of hands-on treatments and movement strength training into your lifestyle goals.

Invest In your Physical Health.
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Our Treatment + Rehabilitation Exercise sessions and unique plan of care are targeted at helping clients with pain, inflammation, limitations, compensations and more!



“Since starting a b project my strength and flexibility has significantly improved. I surf with confidence and have very little pain after surf trips or multiple surf days. Even though there are many professional athletes treated at b project, I feel that I receive the same level of professionalism and personal attention as everyone else. I don’t plan on having my hip replacement surgery anytime soon.”


Paul | Local Surfer


Our Hands-On Table Work and/or Movement Training sessions and unique plan of care are targeted at helping active clients progress their body towards optimal long-term physical health.



“What I like best about b project is the atmosphere during training sessions! Even Though every session is hard, we are all still joking around and having a great time. If I come to b project in a bad mood, I always leave b project in a good mood!”

Mirjam Jaeger | Olympic Athlete