As an athlete, you need to be in top condition to perform in your sport. As a snowboarder, you have each summer to work on your physical health. B project gives you everything to stay healthy and ready for the season. Using b project, each winter I feel strong and ready.

B project has a long history in the snowboard world, and throughout the action sports community. The staff is amazing. All they do is help you be the best you can. It is like working out with your friends, but getting a workout like no other.

Nothing comes easy. Training hard pays off. That does not mean you can’t have fun while you work hard.

I have worked on so many different things at b project. My balance is a million times better. I feel strong and prepared for snowboarding. Physically I just feel better. As an athlete, there is nothing better than feeling ready for the season.

You can workout anywhere, and with anybody, but working out with proper technique is key. I had no idea how my body was compensating, and the limits that were holding me back until coming to b project. Now I feel confident and strong. You could not ask for a better facility.

Zak Hale
Professional Snowboarder

Snowboarding physical therapy