In 2006, I had a shoulder labral tear which was surgically repaired. I started at b project in the fall for therapy and training, and have continued my training with them each summer/fall ever since.

As a snowboarder who has been through several surgeries, I understand how important training is for your body. B project helps you with your injuries and gets the rest of your body in tune to prevent future ones.

Every summer I come home from being gone for the winter, and the training program at b project has evolved. B project is constantly coming up with new creative ways to challenge you, and it keeps it fresh and fun.

Before injury, I thought training was lame. After going through multiple surgeries, rehabs, and training sessions, I realized how important training actually is. I like b project for the great training instruction, and having the program design overseen by a licensed physical therapist is important to me.

Shaun McKay
Professional Snowboarder

Shaun testimonial