I started having to ice my shoulder and take ibuprofen so I could surf for half an hour. While surfing, the pain would become excruciating and force me out of the water. I tried massage and chiropractic, but each would only create temporarily relief. Strength training at the gym helped some, but the problem was recurring. I was frustrated and looking for a solution rather than a quick fix.

After hearing several success stories from friends going to b project, I decided to try it. The workout design is from an assessment process including my individual goals and needs. As my abilities progress, so does the program.

The shoulder problem I started with is resolved. I’m stronger, and my balance has increased tremendously, translating into better surfing performance.

Whether you are in need of rehab, or want to bring your athletic performance to a higher level, you can do it all at “the b”.

Naomi Clum

Naomi testimonial