I went surfing with some of my friends, who are also my competitors during the winter season. I realized they were all talking about these hard workouts, so I had to investigate. After one session at b project, I was surprised on how good of a workout I got, and was also stoked that every movement and exercise is directly related to my sport.

One session progressed to getting strong for the upcoming season. It only took the one session to realize I wanted to work with b project. The effort and professionalism cannot be matched!

I even have a sweet warm up routine from b project I use before activity that warms up every muscle, and only takes 10 minutes!

B project is more of a relationship than a business. The b project team is always there for me and keeps me healthy and strong. I appreciate the focus on my goals, which is hard to come by in my industry.

Chas Guldemond
Olympic Athlete