I write a lot in my job as a research scientist, which keeps me sitting at a desk too much. Over the last few years, I began losing sensation in my feet (peripheral neuropathy) and did not realize how much strength I had lost in my legs. Importantly, my surfing was suffering.

My son, Austin Ware suggested I go to b project for strength training. Austin had recently rehabilitated back from a career-ending back injury. The b project staff used a combination of hands on treatments, and specific strength training exercises to help Austin regain his strength and skills to continue his career as a professional surfer and coach.

Beginning my b project sessions, I was impressed with the personal attention to my specific issues, and training needs. I have also been surprised at the dramatic results. There was a perceived embarrassment of training at a facility with professional athletes; however, the staff is so welcoming, and embarrassment was never an issue.

The strength in my legs and core has returned with dramatic improvement in my surfing. I make more waves, and deeper bottom turns for a sexagenarian.

I’m catching more waves and enjoying surfing more, probably to the chagrin of all the groms at Seaside reef!

Carl Ware