When I was 6 years old, my femur head collapsed. The bone grew back but did not reshape round. My doctor’s recommendation was sports probably would not be an option for me. As I started high school, I had surgery to tilt the femur head in better alignment with the socket because of the constant hip pain. After surgery, I realized that for the past 8 years the left side of my body had been doing all the work because of the pain in my right hip. I had almost no muscle tone. Post surgery, the right hip had little strength, poor rotation, and limited flexibility.

I had heard how passionate b project is about rehabilitation, so about six months after my surgery I got an appointment. The workouts are pushing me physically and I continue to feel the progression of strength. The treatments are intense, but I feel the difference after each session. It is the perfect combination of developing muscles, I have not used for years, and table work that finds where manual work needs to correct.

Everything is stronger! I don’t limp, and have more hip flexibility. Overall, things feel sound; I’m extremely active with volleyball. My movements, jumping, and quickness are all progressing due to b project’s expertise.

After my surgery I had gone to a couple of physical therapy, appointments with my medical provider that just consisted of a few lame exercises. Coming to b project is a very different experience. The entire staff carefully assesses my individual difficulties, and provides a specific plan for results. I feel so blessed to have found b project!

Bryce Curtis
UCSD Volleyball Athlete

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